If you checked out the special commemorative edition of the first issue of Go Magazine, visited the Gore Mutual booth during the 2017 IBAO Convention or attended last summer’s Fast Forward event you probably noticed the fantastic design work done for each.

In fact, Fast Forward recently received recognition from outside of our industry when it won an Award of Merit at the Association of Registered Graphic Designers’ (RGD) annual In-House Design Awards.

RGD’s In-House Design Awards recognizes the work of designers and creative teams within Canadian corporations, organizations and government. The 2017 awards presentation ceremony took place at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Centre on November 8. Along with Gore Mutual, other organizations that received Awards of Merit included the LCBO, Rogers, Royal Ontario Museum, OCAD University and Deloitte.

Our Fast Forward event was an exclusive one-day forum to give insurance brokers a forward look at the challenges of our rapidly changing industry. It featured talks by David Suzuki, Chris Hadfield and futurist Jim Carroll along with a series of expert panels that tackled head-on the enormous changes taking place in insurance and beyond.

From a design standpoint, with Fast Forward we worked to craft a branded experience that blasted away attendee preconceptions about how insurance events were supposed to be and established Gore Mutual as a modern, inspiring company in its industry.

“Fast Forward was a very unique event for the Canadian insurance industry,” said Laurence Smink, Creative Services Manager at Gore Mutual. “It was important to make sure that it didn’t look or feel like a typical insurance event. We wanted to showcase our amazing speakers and capture the energy and excitement of the event. We created lots of big bold graphics, entertaining videos, music – everything was done to create an entertaining brand experience that showed we’re not what you expect.”

“Our in-house creative team continually produces stand-out work which has elevated our brand, visibly and boldly differentiates us from competitors,” added Paul Jackson, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Distribution at Gore Mutual. “We set out to make Fast Forward a landmark event in our industry and its amazing, award-winning design work definitely elevated the stature of the event and is a reason why insurance brokers are still talking about what they experienced there.”

Due to the overwhelming success of last summer’s Fast Forward, we’re holding the event again next year on June 14 at Koerner Hall at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music. Fast Forward 2018 will include illustrious Canadians Rick Mercer and Peter Mansbridge.

In the months leading up to Fast Forward 2018, you can expect more captivating and dynamic design work from Gore Mutual’s in-house creative team. And you’ll definitely see some amazing things at the event as well. Stay tuned.

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