Portrait of Terry O'Reilly sitting

The pandemic’s impact on all aspects of the Canadian economy has forced countless companies to pivot their marketing and advertising plans. Businesses are working to find new ways to market their brands and products while being sensitive to the challenges many people are dealing with.

During these changing times, customer experience has become more important than ever. Whether it’s online or in-person, companies that put in the time, effort and really obsess about all things customer service have the ability to create a definite competitive advantage for their brand.

Last fall, we were joined at our Fast Forward Idea Accelerator events in Vancouver and Toronto by Terry O’Reilly. The award-winning advertising guru, best-selling author and host of CBC Radio’s acclaimed Under the Influence program delivered fantastic talks about the power of marketing, building unforgettable brands and ways to attract new customers.  

“You have to encourage a customer-centric culture at your company because a culture that celebrates customer service is untouchable,” O’Reilly said to attendees. “If your staff is encouraged to use creativity to build customer loyalty, your company will be utterly unique in your category.”

During our forum at Toronto’s CBC Atrium, we interviewed O’Reilly for Go Magazine about the benefits of creating unique and memorable customer experiences and why he loves the puzzle of marketing. Watch the video below to hear some of the excellent insights he had to share.


Check out Terry O’Reilly’s website here.

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